AEG Connect Network

Since 1988, AEG Fuels has established a network of strategic relationships offering our customers cost-effective and reliable fuel supply with greater purchasing power, worldwide. Today we connect our customers to higher levels of service by establishing a group of FBO members, carefully selected for their world-class service, operational excellence, and competitive pricing.

Business aviation customers can rely on exceptional travel experiences at every AEG Connect Network FBO around the world. Our Network members are recognized with preferred status earned by excellence in service and quality standards.

Welcome to the
AEG Connect Network!

Don´t leave the choice to chance, select one of our preferred global members for guaranteed excellence. Wherever you fly, our network can connect you to a preferred FBO location.


Exceptional Service

A status that is earned by
consistency in service,
safety and outstanding


Driving Traffic

Enjoy the power of a global
network and experience
AEG´s commitment to drive
traffic to its partner FBOs.


A Network you can trust

Verified FBO facilities,
proven to deliver comfort,
service and a broad variety
of amenities for flight
crews and passengers.


AEG Rewards

Within our FBO network, your
customers’ fuel purchasing
power takes them higher with
accelerated opportunities to
earn AEG Rewards.

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Our core values




Operational Excellence


World-class Service

AEG Connect Network

  • AEG-Connect Boston Executive
  • AEG-ConnectKansas Jet Center
  • AEG-ConnectSkyplace FBO
  • AEG-ConnectTAM
  • AEG-Connect US Aviation Jet Center
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